Through its design office, Davyco is constantly developing
new models, designs, and packaging to meet the needs
of its customers
in their target market or for their advertising


In addition to its compliance with European regulatory standards,
the company makes product quality a priority. Imported goods
are inspected and tested by recognised inspection agencies,

such as ITS, SGS, and TUV SUD, both during and after the production.


Independent firms, such as ITS or SGS, conduct social
audits in the factories
to ensure compliance with social


Using electronic data interchange (EDI), Davyco provides
supplies to its customers as needed.
The company offers
a permanent stock or products, streamlining purchasing budgets.


With a hands-on team providing a personal touch, Davyco
allows its customers to benefit from its extensive experience
in the textile market,
serving as their contact in order to develop
a successful ongoing business partnership with them.